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            Intro:  Em

My head is spinning and my legs are weak
Goose step dancing, can't hear myself speak
Hope in the eyes of the ugly girls who
Settle for the lies of the last chancers when
Slow motion drunks pick wallflower dancers

F#m                          Em           
You come here looking for the ride to glory
C                   D
Go back home with a hard luck story
G            Em          F#m               B7           
I can hardly wait around until the weekend comes to town

E                    C#m            
Play one more for my radio sweetheart
F#m7            B7
Hide your love, hide your love
E                C#m
Though we are so far apart
             F#m7         B7
You've got to hide your love
F#m                      G#m           
Cause that's the way the whole thing started
 A            F#7         E 
I wish we had never parted


G                      Em      
When it's late and the night gets colder
C                      D  
Don't lay your head on any other shoulder
G                    Em                  
Some hire themselves out for a good time
F#m               B7               
But you and I, we have been sold

So I keep on saying:
Play one more for my radio sweetheart  (repeat)


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