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Riot Van Acoustic

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            Chords: Nicolas Alonso

          G       Bm
So rolls a riot van
     Am                            G
And Sparks excitement in the boys
Bm Am                              G
    But the policeman look annoyed
Bm Am
    Perhaps these are ones they should avoid

G Bm Am

 Got a chase last night
Bm                       Am               D
 From men with truncheons dressed in hats
 We didn't do that much wrong
Bm                        Am
 Still ran away though for the laugh
 Just for the laugh
                   G        Bm
 And please just stop talking
     Am                              G Bm
 Cause they won't find us if you do
 Am                        G  Bm
 Oh those silly boys in blue
 Am                            G   Bm  Am 
 Well they won't catch me and you

 Have you been drinking, son
Bm                         Am    D
 You don't look old enough to me
 I'm sorry, officer
 Bm                            Am
 Is there a certain age you're supposed to be
 Cause nobody told me

           G            Bm
 And up rolls the riot van
          Am                              G  Bm
 And these lads just wind the coppers up
 Am                                       G  Bm
 They ask why they don't catch proper crooks
 Am                                     G  Bm  Am
 They get their address and their names took

 But they couldn't care less


              G      Bm
 Thrown in the riot van,
    Am                              G  Bm
 and all the coppers kicked him in,
   Am                               G  Bm
 and there was no way he could win,
 Am                                 G  Bm Am
 just had to take it on the chin.


Added On September 27th, 2014



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