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Skake That Devil

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            Song is 4/4 time.  A sort-of-baptist hymn

G 4 beats F 4 beats Am 8 beats  F 4 beats Em 4 beats Am 8 beats  

C              Am           Em 
Guess I had to find out the hard way
C          Am               Em
The things I have come here to learn
C                Am              Em
The fire of this pleasure it can warm me
F          Em          Am 
But in the end it only burns

C               Am           Em 
He could put me high on a pedestal
C        Am            Em
He could rob me of my shame
C                Am         Em
He could hold me down under water, 'Til I
F          Em             Am 
Could not remember my own name


G          F                   Am
In my mind I see the house I'm building
G           F                  Am
In my hands the hammer and the nail
C          Am              Em
Gonna send my wishes up to glory
F                Em           Am 
Gonna shake that devil off my trail

C          Am             Em 
In my time I've done some meanness 
C                 Am            Em
Brought the ones I love so much pain
C            Am            Em
Pride it was eating all my heart away
F           Em             Am 
My soul was rusting in the rain

C              Am      Em 
All these sins I am confessing
C               Am               Em
They still come knocking' at my door
C          Am              Em
But I know better that to answer, I tell them
F         Em              Am   
That girl don't live here anymore


C            Am                   Em 
Ev'ry living thing is calling out to me
C                 Am         Em
The leaves on the trees wave me on
C              Am              Em
Got a wind to lift me when I'm falling
F          Em             Am 
Got a road to put my feet upon

CHORUS X 2    

Added On August 11th, 2014



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