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Give Him My Life chords

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            Give Him My Life

[Verse 1]
Em7      G     D      C2
Lord you know me 
Em7    G      Dsus
I am so thankful
Em7         G           D           C2
You will provide for me
Am        C     G        D 
If god gave is only son
    G        D         C2
To die on the cross
   Em7         G         D        C2
So Lord all I have to give you 
 Em7    G     Dsus     C2
Is my life??? 
  Em7         G
You can have my life

     Em7    G      D    C2
I want to serve you
    Em7          G          D         C2
Please draw me close to you

[Verse 2]
 Am     C      G         D
Lord you send your son
 Dsus          Em7   C2
Savior of the world
Em7   C          D
So I?ll worship you
   Em7          G               Dsus       C
When I am so weak and have no Strength    

Added On August 31st, 2017



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