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Give Me Breath chords

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G    G#   Cm   Bm (Repeat)

E               A2
Give me breath, Lord
     A2         E
So I may praise your name
Give me eyes, Lord
So I may see your face (Repeat)

C2   	         G    	  E
Oh Lord, I fall down to my knees
C2            G               E
And I lift my hands to praise you (Repeat 2+?s)

G      Gsus      G
I lift my voice, o God
   G       Gsus     G
To worship you my Lord
G      Gsus      G
I lift my hands, o God
   G      Gsus      G
To praise your holy name (Repeat)

The G in the intro is a baring chord!!! Hope you all have fun.    

Added On August 31st, 2017



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