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Touch Your Heart chords

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            C                    Csus                 C   Csus
Unreserved praise is what I'm gonna offer You
C                Csus                 C   Csus
Open heaven wide let it now ascend to You
Dm                                                     G
Through the gates of pearl, rollin' ore the streets of gold
C                              Csus               C
Let the praise resound as Your glory begins to unfold   (X2)
                   G                       C
I wanna touch Your heart, I wanna see Your face
        G                                          C
I wanna join the host of heaven as we offer up our praise
              Am              G F
Heaven's symphony, I wanna be a part
        Dm             G                          C     Csus
Just as long as I have breath, I wanna touch Your heart    

Added On August 25th, 2017



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