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Ginger Orphan Playhouse - Dying Alone

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            I know theres a lot of people who want this! ... unleast i like to think that! I love that show so much! 

Hope you liked it! 
"Dont miss me madam....""

Chords By David Montes

Dying Alone:

         Ebm        Db        B     Db
There are so many places for dying alone, 
       Ebm        Db          B     Db
Like a car or outside in the woods. 
Ebm      Db          B         Db
Under a staircase or in your apartment, 
Ebm          Db              B     Db
Doesn't that homebrew taste good? 

           B        Db
Won't you stay with me 

In the dark?
B          Db
 Stay with me, 
                Ebm   Db   B   Db
 Don't ever stop. 

          Ebm       Db         B             Db 
There are so many people you don't need to bother 
Ebm           Db     B     Db
When you are dying alone. 
 Ebm            Db        B          Db
Loved ones and enemies, passing acquaintances, 
  Ebm          Db             B       Db
strangers whom you've never known. 

           B        Db
Won't you stay with me 

In the dark?
B          Db
 Stay with me, 
 Don't ever stop. 

B                            Db
This is the prayer of those dying alone, 
          B                    Db
The most terrible fate that I know. 
  B                       Db
Grasping for hands that abandoned you 
              B    Db            Ebm
Just as your body abandons your soul. 
Db    B    Db    Ebm
Your soul dies alone. 
Db    B    Db       Ebm  Db   B    Db
Your soul dies alone. 

   Ebm           Db
My son, there is one 
     B           Db
Who never could leave me 
    Ebm         Db           B     Db
He goes by the name Father Time. 
         Ebm          Db
He's the reason for restlessness, 
 B         Db
Dreams unfulfilled, 
        Ebm        Db            B    Db
And the bags under each wrinkled eye. 

         B        Db
I can't stay with you 

In the dark. 
 B        Db
Stay with you, 

I must depart. 

B                      Db
One bit of freedom to dying alone 
          B           Db          Ebm
It's the fate that I know that I own.    

Added On July 19th, 2015



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