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First Song

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C E F G x2

C              E       F                    G
No one needs to tell me how to get (get get) down
C                 E       F                G
But won't somebody show me how to get back up?
C               E          F             G
I thought about killing my landlord, but he was pretty nice
C                 E           F             G
Instead I paid my rent on time as often as I could
F                                      G
I've been making strange friends in the desert, yeah
         E                  F
They love Jesus, and America, too
F                                G
It ain't as bad as it sounds, someday I'll explain it to you

C E F G x2

C                    E        F                G
It's not that I mind sleeping all alone in the grass
C                        E                  F                           G
It's just that I've been dreaming since ... well, maybe I ain't woke up yet
C             E              F              G
But nothing's been quite the same since you shot yourself
C                  E                        F                                 G
I don't know if you believed in ghosts, but I hope you'd haunt me if you were one
F                                  G
I've been trying not to steal from everybody I know
E                      F
But so far that's impossible
F                       G                      C (pause)
But here in the desert, someday I hope that it won't
C E             F   G     C (pause)
Be that way for me, no it won't
C E             F   C
Be that way for me, anymore

C E F G x2
C G F C    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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