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Set Your Goals Tabs

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Set Your Goals released their first self-titled EP on Straight On Records in May 2004. After signing with Eulogy Recordings, they rereleased that EP under the name Reset! on April 11th 2006. Their first full length album, Mutiny! was released on July 11th, 2006. Set Your Goals released an acoustic version of their track 'Echoes' for the Punk Goes Acoustic 2 compilation on Fearless Records this past summer, 2007. Read more about Set Your Goals on


Spuren Versions
Mutiny Intro 3 gitarren tabs
Goonies Never Say Die Intro 2 gitarren tabs
This Very Moment 2 gitarren tabs
Like You To Me 1 gitarren tabs
Start The Reactor 1 gitarren tabs
Certain 1 gitarren tabs
Product Of The 80s 1 gitarren tabs
Illuminated Youth 1 gitarren tab chords
How Bout No Scott 1 gitarren tabs
Arrival Notes 1 gitarren tabs
The Few That Remain Intro 1 gitarren tabs
With Hoffman Lenses We Will See The Truth 1 gitarren tabs
Echoes Acoustic 1 gitarren tabs
Echoes Intro 1 gitarren tabs
Dead Man Tell No Tales 1 gitarren tabs
To Be Continued 1 gitarren tabs
Reset 1 gitarren tabs
Cure For Apathy chords 1 gitarren tab chords