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Long Agos And Worlds Apart

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            10:00 11-7-11


D C G x2


D                   A              D              G        Em    G       Em    A
Please don't ask me how I know the times before I met you long ago.

D Dsus4 D Dm6        A  Asus4  A     D                        G 
   If I could sit quite still,       the times would pass me by 

Em            D                  G      Em            G      Em     A
I'd sit quite still and pass the time I have with you

D C G x2

 F A C D 

(D)                        F#m         G      Gm
The summer evenings alters everywhere.

D C G x2

D                       A                D               G    Em       D        
Just like before, we'll meet again, when we can think of long agos and worlds 

           G         Em       G            Em        A
apart that were, but are no more


D C   G         
    Every do-what in my head  x10

D C G x 7

End on A D    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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