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Through The Gate

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            Intro: F Em A F

Verse 1

F                                                    Em        A         
To my greatest companion, for all that you've given, I earn to ease your 

F                                                                 Em
I don't know if you can hear me, cause your eyes close beside me, but you 
       A         F
dream of younger days


Em      A      D          Em                   A        D  Em
and if you go i'm leaving, to heaven through hell it's you i'll see

            A       D       Em                 A           D       Em
And if you go then go with me, if you don't believe I'll make you see

          A          D               Em                A           D    Em
like everything good you leave too soon, but don't you cry I'll follow you

Verse 2

F                                               Em             A        F   
years go quickly, and all that's unforgiving, i am blessed to know your name 
god calls upon me, to begin that graceful ending
Em            A           F
I'll find my way through the gate

(repeat pre-chorus)
(repeat chorus 2x)    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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