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            Taylor played this on her Speak
Now World Tour and this is what
I came up with based on Youtube
videos and my own ear. I hope it
works for you!

When playing Taylor's version I
use Am but for the original I
use Am7 so you can decide which
you think sounds better. Also
the G after the F isn't necessary
but I think it sounds good.

(* means one strum)

It can also be played with a capo
on 5. Transpose down 5 times and

C -> G
G -> D
F -> C
Am(7) -> Em(7)


C               G                F
 I wish I could tie you up in my shoes
 Make you feel unpretty too
C           G           F
 I was told I was beautiful
 But what does that mean to you
C              G               F
 Look into the mirror who's inside there
 The one with the long hair
C         G           F   G
 Same old me again today (yeah)

      C          G
 My insides look cool
       F           G
 My insides are blue
              C         G
 Every time I think I'm through
        F              G
 It's because of you(ooh)
        C         G
 I find different ways
          F           G
 But it's all the same
        C          G
 At the end of the day
 I have myself to blame
 I'm just trippin'

C                 G
 You can buy your hair if it won't grow
Am                F           G
 You can fix your nose if you say so
C            G
 You can buy all the make-up that
Am       F       G
 MAC can make but if
C          G
 You can't look inside you
Am        F      G
 Find out who am I to
C        G 
 Be in a position to make me
Am        F   G
 feel so

 C   G
 Am    F  G
 C   G
 Am          F      G          C
 oh make you feel unpretty too    

Added On October 6th, 2014



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