FICHIER GUITAR PRO v3.00:6Worms In The Rectum! Fucking great and fucking easy !Impaled NazareneDecade Of Decadence#"Play it. Tabbed by .:: karhune ::.Drums maybe later...Have a drum track for this ???"!In the name of Satan, mail it to aryan@vituttaa.netx  ""                                                              - Chorus   Guitar1@;72-(Bassar2+&!-(DSUOMI FINLAND PERKELE !32This bass intro is probably the best part of it :D                                                                                  T=180      """"""      """""#      """""""Worms In The Rectum"""""""""""""""""""  ""  ""  """"""""T=120x                                                            T=180      """'&Chorus sounds stupid without drums :<"""      """"""      """"""""""""""""""""""""  ""  ""  """"""""T=120x                                                                                          (((                  (