FICHIER GUITAR PRO v5.00jtNovotel Adam GreenJacket Full Of Danger Adam Green Adam Green2006Mat (, Play, Rate/Comment..Thanks for downloading!You can find the lyrics on:43 line with an interrogation mark should read ! "Smoke crack like Isaac Asimov".- - - - - - - - - -98You wouldn't believe how long & hard it was to tab this <;song... It lasts 1:39 minutes, it's only 35 bars long, but 65the voice is so loud it's damn hard to hear what the instruments are playing...87So, hehe, from time to time i just had to make it up a :9little... Here are a few particularly "made up" parts of the song::9* I reduced the string quartet to a duet, one violin & a 76cello (except at one point when i tabbed what i think :9should be played by a viola on the violin track). i know -,nothing about strings and i would have been 54completely unable to distinguish the four tracks... 87Besides, the cello is sometimes hardly audible. I made up a lot of it.87* The guitar plays very low, sometimes i was only able 87to detect its presence by the sound of the pick on the <;strings... so don't expect that track to be perfect. But i 76saw Adam Green in concert (a great experience, if you 54have the chance) and the guitarist pretty much just "!plays simple chords all the time.;:* The bass should be correct... I listened to it over and =