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Air Traffic Tabs

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Air Traffic were an alternative rock band formed in Bournemouth, England in 2005 while at sixth-form college. The band were composed of Chris Wall (vocals, piano, guitar), Tom Pritchard (guitar), David Jordan (percussion) and James Maddock (bass guitar). In June 2006, Air Traffic released their first single, double A-side Just Abuse Me/Charlotte on London-based indie label Club Fandango. Following this the band signed to major label EMI. Read more about Air Traffic on


Tracks Versions
Shooting Star 2 tablature chords, 2 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Charlotte 1 tablature chords, 2 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Just Abuse Me 2 tablature chords
Empty Space 1 tablature chords
Shooting Star Solo 1 guitar tabs
No More Running Away 1 tablature chords
Hooting Star 1 guitar tabs
Come On 1 tablature chords
I Cant Understand 1 guitar tabs
Running Caught Me High 1 guitar tabs
The Running Caught Me High 1 tablature chords
Time Goes By 1 tablature chords
Still In Love 1 tablature chords
An End To All Our Problems 1 tablature chords
Your Fractured Life 1 tablature chords
This Old Town 1 guitar tabs
I Like That 1 tablature chords
Charlotte Intro 1 guitar pro tabs
Get In Line 1 guitar tabs
Never Even Told Me Her Name 1 tablature chords
Posterity 1 tablature chords