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All Get Out Tabs

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Charleston, SC "Loud and personal,” is one of the ways that lead singer/guitarist Nathan Hussey describes All Get Out. Generally when a band is self-described as loud, imagery of guitars propelling distortion and mood over the audience is the resonance to dwell on and personal is not often the conjoined description. Loud has always been the cryptic way to say a band likes to hide behind blankets of fuzz and hard to decipher symbolisms that keep the players of the song at restraining order distance from the audience. With All Get Out nothing is hidden; everything is personal; and loud. Read more about All Get Out on


Tracks Versions
The Reason Youre Still Alive 1 tablature chords
Burn Hot The Records 1 tablature chords
Lucky Bastard Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
Girl Gun 1 guitar tabs
Ground Me 1 tablature chords
Come And Gone 1 guitar tabs
The Season 1 guitar tabs
Bring It Home 1 tablature chords
Wasting All My Breath 1 tablature chords
My Friends 1 tablature chords
Coach Connor 1 tablature chords
Lucky Bastard 1 tablature chords