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Dawn To Dusk

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F C F C   Key of C

Verse 1
F                    C  DM                      C
Lord as we turn to you, come free us from our sin
F                C DM                C
We only have today, so let us now begin

               DM F              C
From dawn to dusk, we're waking up
               DM F              Gsus G
From dawn to dusk, We're waking up

C                                F  C
Tomorrow's Freedom is today's surrender
                           F      C G/B AM
We come before you lay our burdens down
                              F     C
We look to you as our hearts remember
                     Am           F      C
You are the only God, You are our only God

Verse 2
                    C    Dm                      C
Lord as we give you more, your spirit swells within
              F             C Dm                 C
cause you are Holy, Holy Lord, so let us now begin

C   F     C     Em7  F   C  Em7  G
Ooh, Yeah, Ooh    oh, ooh, ooh ooh

Repeat Chorus 2x    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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