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Ayreon is a progressive metal project started by Dutch composer and musician Arjen Anthony Lucassen in 1995. Based in Hilversum, Netherlands, Ayreon's musical style derives mostly from heavy metal and progressive rock, but combines them with genres like folk, classical and electronica. The majority of Ayreon's albums are dubbed a "rock opera" with an ongoing science fiction storyline featuring a host of characters, usually with each one being represented by a unique vocalist. Read more about Ayreon on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Chaos 3 guitar pro tabs
One Small Step 2 guitar pro tabs
My House On Mars 1 guitar tabs
The Truth Is Here 1 tablature chords
Day Sixteen Loser 1 tablature chords
Phase I Singularity - I Prologue The Blackboard 1 tablature chords
Another Time Another Place 1 guitar tabs
Dragon On The Sea 1 guitar tabs
Time Beyond Time 1 guitar tabs
The Theory Of Everything 1 guitar tabs
River Of Time 1 tablature chords
Connect The Dots 1 tablature chords
The Accusation 1 tablature chords
Liquid Eternity 1 tablature chords
Comatose 1 tablature chords
And The Druids Turn To Stone 1 guitar tabs
Epilogue The Memory Remains 1 guitar tabs
New Migrator 1 guitar pro tabs
The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B Cocq 1 guitar pro tabs
Mirror Of Dreams 1 tablature chords
Prologue - The Blackboard 1 tablature chords
The Lighthouse 1 tablature chords
Run Apocalypse Run 1 tablature chords
Deathcry Of A Race 1 tablature chords
Sea Of Machines 1 tablature chords
Aquatic Race 1 tablature chords
The Dream Dissolves 1 tablature chords
Into The Ocean 1 tablature chords
Journey To Forever 1 tablature chords
Star Of Sirrah 1 tablature chords
Condemned To Live 1 tablature chords
March Of The Machines 1 tablature chords
Bay Of Dreams 1 tablature chords
Planet Y Is Alive 1 guitar tabs
All That Was 1 tablature chords
The Source Will Flow 1 tablature chords
Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy 1 tablature chords
Quid Pro Quo 1 tablature chords
Isis And Osiris 1 guitar tabs
Day Thirteen Sign Intro 1 tablature chords
Warcry 1 guitar tabs
Temple Of The Cat 1 guitar tabs
Into The Black Hole 1 guitar tabs
Garden Of Emotions 1 guitar tabs
Day Two Isolation 1 guitar tabs
Day Three Pain Intro 1 guitar tabs
Play Ground 1 guitar pro tabs
Dreamtime Intro 1 guitar pro tabs
Accident Solo 1 guitar pro tabs
Valley Of The Queens 1 guitar pro tabs
Playground 1 guitar pro tabs
Isolation 1 guitar pro tabs
Hope 1 guitar pro tabs
Day 11_ Love 1 guitar pro tabs
Dawn Of A Million Souls 1 guitar pro tabs
Carried By The Wind 1 guitar pro tabs
Welcome To The New Dimension 1 guitar tabs
Who Wants To Live Forever Solo 1 guitar tabs
Day Eleven Love 1 guitar pro tabs
Out Of The White Hole 1 guitar pro tabs
Day Six Childhood Acoustic 1 guitar pro tabs
The Sixth Extinction 1 guitar pro tabs
Come Back To Me 1 guitar pro tabs
Age Of Shadows Intro 1 guitar pro tabs
Day Six Mystery 1 guitar pro tabs
Day Six Childhood Solo 1 guitar tabs
Realization 1 guitar pro tabs
Day Nineteen - Disclosure 1 guitar pro tabs
Computer Eyes 1 guitar pro tabs
The Charm Of The Seer Intro 1 guitar tabs
Day Four Mystery 1 tablature chords
Day Seven Hope 1 tablature chords
Web Of Lies 1 tablature chords
Loser Intro 1 guitar pro tabs
Castle Hall 1 guitar pro tabs
Ayreon 1 guitar pro tabs