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Band Of Horses Tabs

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Band of Horses, known early in its life simply as Horses, is an Indie band formed in Seattle, Washington, United States. The band's lineup has changed multiple times, and the current lineup consists of Ben Bridwell (vocals, guitar), Ryan Monroe (guitar, keyboards), Tyler Ramsay (keyboards, guitar), Bill Reynolds (bass) and Creighton Barrett (drums). The band is currently based in Charleston, South Carolina and has released four albums to date: "Everything All the Time" (2006), "Cease to Begin" (2007), "Infinite Arms" (2010), and "Mirage Rock" (2013). Read more about Band of Horses on


Tracks Versions
The Funeral 1 tablature chords, 1 guitar tabs and 2 guitar pro tabs
No Ones Gonna Love You 3 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
Funeral 1 tablature chords and 3 guitar tabs
St Augustine 1 tablature chords and 2 guitar tabs
Islands On The Coast 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Ends Not Near 2 guitar tabs
Is There A Ghost 2 guitar tabs
Wicked Gil 2 tablature chords
I Go To The Barn Because I Like The 2 tablature chords
Great Salt Lake 2 tablature chords
Weed Party 2 tablature chords
Boat To Row 1 guitar tabs
The First Song Intro 1 guitar tabs
The Great Salt Lake Intro 1 guitar tabs
Detlef Schrempf 1 tablature chords
Cigarettes Wedding Bands 1 tablature chords
Monsters 1 tablature chords
No Ones Gonna Love You Intro 1 guitar tabs
Monsters Intro 1 guitar tabs
Ode To Lrc 1 tablature chords
The General Specific 1 tablature chords
Marry Song 1 tablature chords
I Lost My Dingle On The Red Line 1 tablature chords
Part One 1 tablature chords
Murder In The City Solo 1 guitar tabs