Big D And The Kids Table Tabs

Big D And The Kids Table Tabs

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Big D and the Kids Table is a third-wave ska/punk band formed in October 1995 in Allston Village, Boston, Massachusetts signed to Springman Records. Members of Big D ... also run the Boston, Massachusetts area record label, Fork In Hand Records, which has released numerous albums from Big D ... and other local Boston artists. Their music often reflects member's personal lives, especially the financial difficulties that many members have faced in the past. Read more about Big D And The Kids Table on


Tracks Versions
Shining On 1 tablature chords and 2 guitar tabs
Little Bitch 2 guitar tabs
Hell On Earth 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
175 Intro 1 guitar tabs
Noise Complaint 1 tablature chords
Find Out Intro 1 guitar tabs
Good Luck 1 tablature chords
She Knows Her Way Intro 1 guitar tabs
Wailing Paddle 1 guitar tabs
51 Gardner 1 guitar tabs
Safe Haven 1 guitar tabs
Take Another Look 1 guitar tabs
Scenester 1 guitar tabs
My Girlfriends On Drugs 1 guitar tabs
Jeremy 1 guitar tabs
Chicago Intro 1 guitar tabs
Gld Intro 1 guitar tabs