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Candy Claws Tabs

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CC lives and records in Fort Collins, CO. Their debut album "In The Dream Of The Sea Life" struck the hearts and ears of internet music dorks, and they have been riding a residual wave of praise since. Their sound and their aesthetic is familiar and unique; they smoosh Pet Sounds harmonies through Animal Collective gurgle and approach the aftermath with naivety and wonder. Their music is both classic and totally modern. A remastered version of 'In the Dream of The Sea Life' was released on Irish label Indiecater Records on August 4, 2009. A CD version was released on October 26, 2009. Read more about Candy Claws on


Tracks Versions
Snow Face 1 tablature chords
Lantern Fish 1 tablature chords
Where I Found You One Star 1 tablature chords
Starry Fighter Kite 1 tablature chords
Diving Knife 1 tablature chords
Into The Deep Time One Sun 1 tablature chords
Fell In Love By The Water 1 tablature chords