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Cheap Sex Tabs

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The brainchild of original The Virus vocalist Mike Virus, Cheap Sex formed in 2002, forged out of a need for real, socially aware street punk in Southern California. Proof of this need came in the form of a massive response from the fans, resulting in the bands almost instantaneous ability to pack venues just on word of mouth without so much as a demo available. New Yorks premier punk label seemed the perfect match for Cheap Sex and the band wasted no time in getting in the studio to record their debut album "Launch off to War" which was released on Punk Core in July 2003. Read more about Cheap Sex on


Tracks Versions
Worst Enemy 2 guitar tabs
Dick Cheney 2 guitar tabs
Launch Off To War 2 guitar tabs
Back Sber 1 guitar tabs
Smash Your Symbols 1 guitar tabs
Raped By The Fcc 1 guitar tabs
Out On Your Own 1 guitar tabs
Living In Fear 1 guitar tabs
Its Up To You 1 guitar tabs
If Society 1 guitar tabs
Fuck Emo 1 guitar tabs
False Pride 1 guitar tabs
Eyes See All 1 guitar tabs
Dead Today 1 guitar tabs
Consume And Consume 1 guitar tabs
Last Of The True 1 guitar tabs