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Chelsea Grin Tabs

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Chelsea Grin is an American deathcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Formed in 2007, the group is currently signed to Artery Recordings and have released two EPs (Chelsea Grin in July 2008, and Evolve in June 2012) and two full-length albums, the latest being My Damnation (July 2011). The name of the band is derived from the torture method of the same name. Chelsea Grin was founded in Salt Lake City during March 2007 by vocalist, Alex Koehler and (former) guitarist Chris Kilbourn. Read more about Chelsea Grin on


Tracks Versions
Recreant 1 guitar tabs
Cursed 1 guitar tabs
False Sense Of Sanity 1 guitar tabs
Last Breath 1 guitar pro tabs
The Foolish One 1 guitar tabs
Lillith 1 guitar tabs
Lilith 1 guitar tabs
Angels Shall Sin Demons Shall Pray 1 guitar tabs
Waste Away 1 guitar tabs
Undying 1 guitar tabs
Calling In Silence 1 guitar tabs
Kharon 1 guitar pro tabs
Disgrace 1 guitar pro tabs
Lifeless 1 guitar tabs
Cheyne Stokes 1 guitar tabs
Cheyne Strokes 1 guitar pro tabs
Judgement 1 guitar pro tabs
My Damnation 1 guitar tabs
Oblivion 1 guitar pro tabs
All Hail The Fallen King 1 guitar tabs
Everlasting Sleep 1 guitar pro tabs
Four Horsemen 1 guitar tabs