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Civ Tabs

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CIV was a hardcore punk band from New York City. The band is named after its vocalist, Anthony Civarelli. With the exception of CIV, all of the band members go by their first names only. Both Civ and Arthur are former members of Gorilla Biscuits, while Sammy played in many hardcore bands including Youth Of Today and Judge. Civ works in his own tattoo parlor in Long Island. The band managed to land a record deal shortly after, partially due to their habit of wearing leisure suits while playing. Read more about CIV on


Tracks Versions
All Twisted 1 tablature chords
Trust Slips Through Your Hands 1 guitar tabs
State Of Grace 1 guitar tabs
Soundtrack For Violence 1 guitar tabs
Solid Band 1 guitar tabs
Gang Opinion 1 guitar tabs
Dont Got To Prove It 1 guitar tabs
Do Something 1 guitar tabs
So Far So Good So What 1 tablature chords
Set Your Goals 1 guitar tabs
Cant Wait One 1 tablature chords
United Kids 1 guitar tabs