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Cloud Nothings Tabs

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Cloud Nothings is an indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Dylan Baldi started Cloud Nothings as a way to amuse himself between classes at Case Western Reserve University in 2009. The first batch of Cloud Nothings songs, including the blogosphere favorite "Hey Cool Kid" (available on the 2010 compilation "Turning On"), was recorded on a computer in the basement of Baldi's home in Westlake, OH. A concert promoter who invited Cloud Nothings to play a gig in New York City in December 2009 prompted Baldi to hastily assemble a real band and drop out of college to focus on his music full-time. Read more about Cloud Nothings on


Tracks Versions
Should Have 1 guitar tabs
Old Street 1 tablature chords
Water Turns Back 1 guitar tabs
Morgan 1 tablature chords
Cant Stay Awake 1 guitar tabs
Ooh You 1 guitar tabs
Now Hear In 1 guitar tabs
Enter Entirely 1 tablature chords
Internal World 1 tablature chords
No Thoughts 1 guitar tabs
Im Not Part Of Me 1 tablature chords
Forget You All The Time 1 guitar tabs
Cut You 1 tablature chords
Stay Useless 1 tablature chords
Hey Cool Kid 1 guitar tabs
Heartbeat 1 guitar tabs
Nothings Wrong 1 tablature chords
Not Important 1 guitar tabs
Psychic Trauma 1 guitar tabs
Things Are Right With You tab 1 guitar tabs