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There are at least three bands called Damaged: 1) Coming from Ballarat, Australia, Damaged are an unconventional technical death metal band. Although self described as "hatecore" Damaged incorporate many elements typical of technical death metal with unusual song arrangements to create a unique style. Do Not Spit. (Full Album). Passive Backseat Demon Engines. (e.p.) Token Remedies Research. (Full Album). Purified In Pain. (Full Album). (Kevin Sharpe (Brutal Truth) vocals). Also try Walk The Earth, Rampant Calamities. Matt Skitz drums (Damaged), Jamie vocals (Damaged). Read more about Damaged on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
After World Obliteration 1 guitar tabs
Ultramild 1 guitar tabs
The Travellin Manic 1 guitar tabs
Slow 1 guitar tabs
Resurrect 1 guitar tabs
Open Arms 1 guitar tabs
Nails 1 guitar tabs
My Grain 1 guitar tabs
Dust 1 guitar tabs
Dreggs 1 guitar tabs
Dont Spit 1 guitar tabs
Walk Blind And Burn In Every Step 1 guitar tabs