Darren Korb Tabs

Darren Korb Tabs

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Darren was born on November 5th, 1983. Shortly thereafter, he was held upside down and smacked on the bottom, letting out what would be the first in a long line of epic wails. The public premier of his pipes occurred five years later when he took the stage in what would be the first of many musical productions. At twelve years old he picked up his first guitar and began writing rock songs and playing in a long line of bands. Read more about Darren Korb on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Setting Sail Coming Home 1 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
In Case Of Trouble 1 guitar tabs
Vagrant Song tab 1 guitar tabs
The Spine 1 tablature chords
Signals 1 tablature chords
Build That Wall 1 tablature chords
Paper Boats 1 tablature chords
We All Become 1 tablature chords
The Pantheon 1 tablature chords
Mother Im Here 1 tablature chords
Spike In A Rail 1 guitar tabs
Slingers Song 1 guitar tabs
Brusher Patrol 1 guitar tabs
Downriver tab 1 guitar tabs