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All We Like Sheep

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            Verse 1

 A                     C#m
All we like sheep have gone astray,
F#m                    C#m 
Each of us turning our own separate way. 
 D                         E                    A  C#
We all have sinned and fallen short of Your glory, 
           D           A
But your glory is what we desire to see, 
              D                E
And in Your presence is where we long to be. 

    A    F#m               C#m
O Lord, show us Your mercy and grace, 
 D                    E
Take us to Your holy place. 
                D                   A
Forgive us our sins and heal our land, 
            Bm              E             A
We long to live in Your presence once again.

Verse 2:
 A                      C#m
Taking our sickness and taking our pain,
 F#m                      C#m 
Jesus, the sacrifice, the lamb has been slain. 
D                 E                 A            C#
He was despised, rejected by men. He took our sin.
              D                A
Draw us near to You, Father, through Jesus, Your Son,
           D                 E
Let us worship before you, cleansed by your blood.    

Added On June 5th, 2015



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