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            Dr. Dog
Shame, Shame

Intro: G  C

G        C       G          C     Am           C                            D
Was it a dream?  I wouldn't know--I was in the lowlands where the old folks go

C  G        C     G        C     Am            C                D          C
   I wasn't here, I wasn't home--I was picking static up from a broken radio

G                                                    Am
You just leave me at the station and you can rest assured

     G       Am       C         D         G
That I'll be back sometime this time next year

I pack my bag, you get the door--here's a stack of tokens for my friends on 
Baltimore/the look on your face, I've seen it before--I'll be gone a long time but 
I could be gone some more

G                                                           D
You know, I need someone I need something I need to go back home

Repeat the chorus and that's it!    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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