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Easyworld were a British pop/rock band who released three albums between 2002 and 2004. They are best known for the songs Bleach, Junkies and Whores and Till The Day. Hailing from Eastbourne, the band consisted of David Ford on vocals/guitar, Jo Taylor on bass and Glenn Hooper on drums. The band achieved limited success in the early 2000s, releasing 3 albums in total; Better Ways To Self Destruct, This Is Where I Stand and Kill The Last Romantic on Fierce Panda Records and Jive Records before parting ways in August 2004. Read more about Easyworld on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
A Stain To Never Fade 1 guitar tabs
Heaven Knows You Will 1 tablature chords
How Did It Ever Come To This 1 tablature chords
You Make Me Wanna Drink Bleach 1 guitar tabs
Try Not To Think 1 guitar tabs
This Is Where I Stand 1 guitar tabs
Me 1 guitar tabs
Lights Out 1 guitar tabs
Hundredweight 1 guitar tabs
Everyone Knows 1 guitar tabs
Bleach 1 guitar tabs
The Other Man 1 tablature chords