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Eatmewhileimhot Tabs

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this is the incorrect tag for this artist. they recently changed their band name to Mister Owl due to copyright issues. so please change your tag to Mister Owl. i am quite upset about the name change too. ): eatmewhileimhot consists of christofer drew and hayden kaiser, two guys with their attempt at entertainment. this is both christofer drew's and hayden kaiser's side project. eatmewhileimhot was formed in Joplin, Missouri on feburary 3, 2008. eatmewhileimhot is meant to be "sorta a joke. Read more about eatmewhileimhot on


Tracks Versions
Screw The Standard 1 guitar tabs
When In Rome 1 guitar tabs
All My Friends 1 guitar tabs
The Point 1 guitar tabs
Mother May I Acoustic 1 tablature chords
Damn Straight 1 guitar tabs