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Poor Napoleon

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            C C/B C C/B 

C                           Em/B              Gm/Bb 
I can't lie on this bed anymore it burns my skin 
F/A                                     Fm/Ab 
You can take the truthful things you've said to me 
     D/F#                      F  G 
And fit them on the head of a pin 
      C       F Dm G 
Poor Napoleon 

    C                    Em/B   Gm/Bb 
You always look so disappointed when I take my stockings off 
F/A                          Fm/Ab 
Don't you know the facts of life boy 
D/F#                              F 
Don't you know what these things cost? 
C                       Em/B       Gm/Bb 
She was selling stolen kisses to travelling salesmen and minstrel singers 
F/A             Fm/Ab 
You put a penny in the slot 
D/F#                F             G 
She called you her magic fingers 

      C       F Dm G
Poor Napoleon 
      C       F Dm G
Poor Napoleon 

  E                        E/G# 
I bet she isn't all that's advertised 
  Am                      C 
I bet that isn't all she fakes 
D                                Eb 
Just like that place where they take your spine 
     F                 Eb D
And turn it into soapfla---akes 

C C/B  C C/B
C C/B  C C/B

C                    Em/B          Gm/Bb 
Bare wires from the socket to the bed where you embraced that girl 
F/A            Fm/Ab                D/F#       F 
Did you ever think there's far too many people in the world? 
C                         Em/B        Gm/Bb 
One day they'll probably make a movie out of all of this 
F/A               Fm/Ab        D/F#           F                 G 
There won't even have to be a murder just a slow dissolving kiss 

      C       F Dm G 
Poor Napoleon

    C                   F              Dm                         G                          
So good night little schoolboy, you'd better learn some self control
 C                     F         Dm             G           C F Dm  G
Did you mess up your hairstyle, pour scorn in your begging bo---owl

Poor Napoleon    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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