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There are at least ten bands called Envy: 1. Since their formation in 1992, Envy has become a dominant band in the independent hardcore and screamo scene in Japan. Their music has evolved over the years to incorporate hardcore, screamo, and most recently, the epic tendencies of post-rock. Envy is characterized by their ability to master screamo's loud-soft dynamic to evoke both crushing brutality and gentle beauty, often within the same song. Read more about Envy on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Color Of Fetters Solo 1 guitar tabs
Weve Got Time 1 guitar tabs
A Will Remains In The Ashes 1 guitar tabs
A Hint And The Incapacity 1 guitar pro tabs
Last Hours Of Eternity 1 guitar tabs
One Song 1 tablature chords
Am I Wrong 1 guitar tabs