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Fiction Family Tabs

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Fiction Family is a musical collaboration between Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman and Nickel Creek guitarist Sean Watkins. The duo released their self-titled, full-length album on January 20, 2009. Fiction Family originally went by the name, "The Real SeanJon," a name jokingly chosen in the hopes that Sean "Sean John" Combs would sue them. According to a blog post on Watkins' website, they started the collaboration in 2005, writing songs together. Around Mid-2006 they began recording the songs, in bits and pieces while the two were off the road. Read more about Fiction Family on


Tracks Versions
When Shes Near 1 guitar tabs
Throw It Away 1 guitar tabs
Please Dont Call It Love 1 tablature chords
Avalon 1 guitar tabs
Ashes Of Rock Roll Fools Gold 1 tablature chords
Fools Gold 1 tablature chords
Up Against The Wall 1 tablature chords
Give Me Back My Girl 1 tablature chords
My Forgetful Baby 1 tablature chords
Damaged 1 tablature chords
Betrayal Live 1 guitar tabs
Betrayal 1 guitar tabs
Enough To Prove Me Wrong 1 guitar tabs
Closer Than You Think 1 tablature chords
Out Of Order Solo 1 guitar tabs
War In My Blood 1 guitar tabs
We Ride 1 guitar tabs
Not Sure 1 tablature chords
Elements Combined 1 guitar tabs
Idioteque 1 tablature chords
Look For Me Baby 1 tablature chords
Guilt 1 tablature chords