Fiction Plane Tabs

Fiction Plane Tabs

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Fiction Plane is a rock band from England. Originally formed in London under the name Santa’s Boyfriend in 2001, Fiction Plane is currently comprised of lead vocalist, guitar and bass player Joe Sumner, guitarist Seton Daunt and American drummer Pete Wilhoit. Fiction Plane’s first major label release, Everything Will Never Be OK, with MCA Records, was released in the US in March 2003 with the single "Hate". Shortly after the album’s release, Bloomington, IN drummer Pete Wilhoit joined the band. Read more about Fiction Plane on


Tracks Versions
Two Sisters 1 tablature chords, 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Sadr City Blues 1 tablature chords
Out Of My Face 1 tablature chords
Denied 1 tablature chords
Running The Country Intro 1 guitar tabs
Death Machine Intro 1 guitar tabs
Presuppose Intro 1 guitar tabs
If Only Intro 1 guitar tabs
Drink 1 tablature chords
Hate 1 tablature chords