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There are, at least, two artists known as Fink: 1) A Brighton-based acoustic folk / blues / electronic artist. 2) A Hamburg, Germany alt-country band, founded mid-90s & disbanded in 2007. 1) A recording / performance name of Brighton, UK's Fin Greenall - a Bristol-born understated singer-songwriter. He is an uncompromising artist - in acoustic folk / blues / dub - with an astounding stage presence, signed to Ninja Tune Records. Read more about Fink on


Tracks Versions
This Is The Thing 2 tablature chords and 2 guitar tabs
Schlaf Gut Ein 1 tablature chords
Shakespeare 1 tablature chords
Looking Too Closely 1 tablature chords
Truth Begins 1 tablature chords
Pilgrim 1 tablature chords
Make It Good 1 tablature chords
Wheels 1 guitar tabs
Maker Ukulele 1 tablature chords
Foot In The Door 1 guitar tabs
Warm Shadow 1 guitar tabs
Honesty 1 guitar tabs
Nothing Is Ever Finished 1 guitar tabs
Walking In The Sun 1 tablature chords
Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us 1 guitar tabs
Sort Of Revolution 1 guitar tabs
Little Blue Mailbox 1 guitar tabs
Pills In My Pocket 1 guitar tabs
Der Richtige Ort chords 1 tablature chords