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Funkadelic Tabs

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Funkadelic was originally the backing band for the doo wop group, The Parliaments. The band was added in 1964, primarily for tours, and consisted of Frankie Boyce, Richard Boyce and Langston Booth. They enlisted in the army in 1966, and George Clinton (the leader of Parliament) recruited Billy Bass Nelson and Eddie Hazel in 1967, then also adding Tawl Ross and Tiki Fulwood. Due to legal difficulties between Clinton and Revilot, The Parliaments' label... Read more about Funkadelic on


Tracks Versions
Maggot Brain 3 guitar tabs
Hit It And Quit It 2 guitar tabs
Lets Take It To The People 1 guitar tabs
Sexy Ways 1 tablature chords
Ill Bet You 1 tablature chords
What Is Soul 1 tablature chords
I Got A Thing You Got A Thing Everybodys Got A Thing 1 tablature chords
Funkadelic 1 tablature chords
Good Old Music 1 tablature chords
Qualify And Satisfy 1 tablature chords
Take Your Dead Ass Home 1 guitar tabs
Some More 1 guitar tabs
I Wanna Know If Its Good To You 1 guitar tabs
Into You Intro 1 guitar tabs
Maggot Brain Solo 1 guitar tabs
Red Hot Mama 1 guitar tabs
You And Your Folks Me And My Folks 1 guitar tabs
Super Stupid 1 guitar pro tabs
Maggot Brain Intro 1 guitar pro tabs
Alice In My Fantasies 1 guitar pro tabs
Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On 1 guitar pro tabs
Can You Get To That chords 1 tablature chords