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O Little Town Of Bethlehem

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            Intro - D Dmin D7 G Em D/A A7 D

  D              G       Em
O little town of Bethlehem
     D         A7       D
How still we see thee lie
     D/C   B7       Em 
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
     D      A7       D
The silent stars go by
             Em  Fdim7  F#7
Yet in thy dark streets shineth
    Bm       G6   F#7
The everlasting Light
    D         Dmin   D7  G     Em
The hopes and fears of all the years
    D/A     A7      D
Are met in thee tonight

   D             G     Em
Oh holy child of Bethlehem
   D       A7     D
Descend to us we pray
          D/C  B7      Em 
Cast out our sins and enter in
   D      A7     D
Be born to us today
           Em   Fdim7 F#7
Oh morning stars together
   Bm        G6   F#7
Proclaim the holy birth
    D       Dmin D7  G     Em
And praises sing to God the King
    D/A      A7     D
And Peace to men on earth.    

Added On December 16th, 2014



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