Gary Jules Tabs

Gary Jules Tabs

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Gary Jules (born in 1969 in Fresno, California as Gary Jules Aguirre) is an American singer-songwriter. He is best known for his cover of the Tears for Fears song Mad World, which was featured in the film Donnie Darko. Gary Jules attended The Bishop's School in La Jolla, California. Some of his early projects/bands were The Ivory Knights, Our Town Pansies, Woodenfish and The Origin. Jules started off his solo recording career with the debut Greetings From The Side. Originally released by A & M, this album slipped through the cracks due to neglect on the label's part, and Jules was dropped. Read more about Gary Jules on


Tracks Versions
Mad World 5 tablature chords, 10 guitar tabs and 5 guitar pro tabs
Falling Awake 1 tablature chords and 3 guitar tabs
Mad World Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
Umbillical Town 1 tablature chords
Devil Keeps Grinning 1 guitar tabs
Gone Daddy 1 guitar tabs
Princess Of Hollywood 1 tablature chords
Umbilical Town 1 tablature chords
I Want You To Want Me 1 tablature chords
No Poetry Intro 1 guitar tabs
Something Else 1 tablature chords
Patchwork G 1 tablature chords
Nothing 1 guitar tabs
Bluefish 1 tablature chords
Whiskey For Everybody Intro 1 guitar tabs
Broke Window 1 tablature chords
Mad Mad World 1 guitar tabs
Heroes And Heroin 1 tablature chords
Broken Window ukulele 1 tablature chords