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Something Special To Me

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            Intro: D...G...D.......Em...A...D.G.Em.


      A          D             G
As I hold you close tonight
Here what I say
                       Em            A
There's no doubt it's love alright
                     D        G.Em.A
'cause I've never felt this way
             D                 G
An angel's what you are
and now I see
                    Em                 A
Your'e not just someone else
                     D                 G
Your'e something special to me


     Em        A            D
Every man has a dream
     G           Em   A    D
and youv'e made mine come true 
A            Em
How it Happened
G                D
I don't know or care
          Em            A....Taucet
I'm just happy I found you

(start playing again @ the D)

                D      G
Wrapped in the arms of love
Is where I'll be
             Em            A
for all the world to see
                     D        G.Em.A.D  ( first time only)
Your'e something special to me          ( second time keep playing the D)   

Instrumental break: play intro 2x but @ the end of 2nd time don't play GEmAD
just keep playing the D 

After break play chorus again then add:

                G     A......Taucet until the D
It's all such a mystery
                               D (1 slow down stroke)
Your'e something special to me    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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