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Say It To Me Now

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            from the film once, an unbelievable song, glen hansard is a genius!

type this song into you tube if you dont know it but you like the frames/glen hansard

open e tuning!!

intro and first verse:
e  -----0------0------0-----0-|
b  ----12-----12-----12----12-|
g# -----0------0------0-----0-|
e  -----0-----11------0-----0-|
b  ----12-----12-----12----12-|
e  -----0------0-----10-----9-|

I'm scratching at the surface now
And I'm trying hard to work it out
So much has gone misunderstood
This mystery only leads to doubt

Then the next bit: (s = slide)
And I didn't understand
When you reached out to take my hand
And if you have something to say
You'd better say it now

e  ---0---s---0---s---0-|
b  ---0---s---0---s---0-|
g# ---1---s---3---s---4-|
e  ---0---s---0---s---0-|
b  ---2---s---4---s---5-|
e  ---2---s---4---s---5-|

for last bit of the verse (you better say it now) play this chord
e  ---0
b  ---0
g# ---7
e  ---0
b  ---7
e  ---7

Then the really loud bit is: (im not a 100% on the second chord but when you play it 
it sounds good enough)

e  ----0----0---0---0-|
b  ---12---13---0---0-|
g# ---12---13---8---5-|
e  ----0----0---0---0-|
b  ----0---14---9---5-|
e  ----0----0---9---5-|

Cause this is what you've waited for
A chance to even up the score
And as these shadows fall on me now
I will somehow

Cause I'm picking up a message Lord
And I'm closer than I've ever been before

for the last bit of the song:
So if you have something to say
Say it to me now

just slide up and down between these two chords

e  ---0---0-|
b  ---0---0-|
g# ---5---7-|
e  ---0---0-|
b  ---5---7-|
e  ---5---7-|

the outro is just a walkdown

e  ---------                         ---0-|
b  --9-7-0--                         ---0-|
g# --0-0-0-7                         ---0-|
e  --0-0-0-0                         ---0-|
b  --0-0-0-0           and end on    ---5-|
e  --7-7-7-7                         ---0-|

thats it really. my first tab hope u like it    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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