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A Love Song For Bobby Long

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            He dont even plays the chords straight so use some fills in the verses, too.
Standard Tuning
p = pull off
h = hammer on
/\= slide


Am   C   G  Bm   D  Em

Intro (x2):

Am        C                G    Am
Brewton Alabama at The Colonial Inn,
Am              C                G                 Am
hot day, old orange juice, some vodka on a night stand,
          Am      C           G                    Am
there's a Chevy Nova with the seat burned out the back,
       Am      C                   G                 Am
from a Winston cigarette, that was stumped into the wind

Am        C                G         Am
old Bobby Long was like Zorba the Greek,
Am         C       G            Am
Side-tracked by the scent of a woman,
Am                 C       G          Am
Could've been an actor on a moviescreen
Am        C              G           Am
Stayed in Alabama just a dreamer of dreams

He played football against W.S.E.O.
                                       Am (Fill)
should've seen him running down the field
I grow old, I grow old where the bottoms of my
               Am (Fill)
trousers rolled
            G               Am
it's a love song, for Bobby Long
       G                 Am
A love song, for Bobby Long

INTRO (2x)

   Am             C            G             Am
he was a handsome man, he had Cherokee cheeckbones
  Am          C      G             Am
a fair haired boy, where did he go wrong,
           Am       C            G               Am
he chose a roadless travel, made all the difference,
         Am            C             G             Am
now he’s chastisezed, critisiezed he don't make no sense

G                                                                Am (Fill)
Brewton called him crazy, he said Bobby Long was nothing but a drunk,
G                                                                   Am (Fill)
but all the thoughts in his head was way passed anything they duwmb funk
            G                   Am
it's a love song, for Bobby Long
            G              Am
a love song, for Bobby Long

    Bm           Am           G           D
but don't get me wrong, Bobby Long was no good,
    Bm        Am    G                D
he'd drag you down, if he thought he could
well he would drag you down,
the road I ride will be the day for me
won't come along
the road I ride is gonna set me free
he’s gonna take me home



         Am             C                G               Am
he was a friend of my papa's he used to drink and tell lies
        Am        C                     G                   Am
praised Flannery O'Connors, smoked cigarettes and filosophied
Am          C            G       Am
  so here I am at The Colonial Inn
Am               C          G           Am
me and Captain Long and my pretty girl-friend
   Am                 C                G              Am
he charmes her with a poem, then he brakes down and cries
Am              C                G                  Am
smile a crooked smile, with his broken cheeck-bone side
Am              C     G         Am
tells about his life, now he's 63,
   Am              C              G               Am
he looks me in the eyes, he says come and go with me

he could walk on water, walk on water
                                       Am (Fill)
but you know you drown themselves and wine
god and a devil, god and a devil,
                                  Am (Fill)
god and a devil along inside his mind
             G               Am
it's a love song, for Bobby Long
         G               Am
a love song, for Bobby Long

End with:


Added On December 16th, 2013



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