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Maybe I Can Paint Over That

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            Guy Clark - Maybe I Can Paint Over That

C               F           G
I've smeared my heart on my sleeve
C              F           G
I've tagged my name on the wall
C            F              G
It's prob'ly time for me to leavess
C              F       G||
Actin' big and talkin' small-i

I've tracked blood in on the floor
I put my first through the wall
I've dragged trouble through the door
And I've spilled wine on it all

Maybe I can paint over that
It'll prob'ly bleed through
Maybe I can paint over that
But I can't hide it from you

I've got some ink beneath my skin
A good idea at the time
I won't be doing that again
Not with any arm of mine

And I have stumbled in my time
I left my footprints down the road
And the part of me that shines
Ain't the part of me that's showed    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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