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Just This Side Of Heaven

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            Just This Side Of Heaven Chords by Hal Ketchum

                   Just This Side Of Heaven (Hal-Lelujah)
Capo 3 Play D
e |---|-x-|---|---|---|
B |---|---|-x-|---|---|
G |---|-x-|---|---|---|
D |---|---|---|---|---|
A |---|---|---|---|---|
E |---|---|---|---|---|
e |---|---|---|---|---|
B |---|-x-|---|---|---|
G |---|-x-|---|---|---|
D |---|-x-|---|---|---|
A |---|---|---|---|---|
E |---|---|---|---|---|
e |---|---|-x-|---|---|
B |---|---|---|---|---|
G |---|---|---|---|---|
D |---|---|---|---|---|
A |---|-x-|---|---|---|
E |---|---|-x-|---|---|
Just this side of Heaven... there's a little white house. Take a right at the Pearly Gates:.. go 'bout a quarter mile south. There's an Angel sittin' on a front porch swing In a cotton gown . waitin' on you gettin' in. Hallejulah, I can see the shimmer of the porch light glow. Hallejulah, I can see her shadow in the soft halo. (Bm
e |---|-x-|---|---|---|
B |---|---|-x-|---|---|
G |---|---|---|-x-|---|
D |---|---|---|-x-|---|
A |---|-x-|---|---|---|
E |---|---|---|---|---|
) (G#m
e |-x-|---|---|---|---|
B |-x-|---|---|---|---|
G |-x-|---|---|---|---|
D |---|---|-x-|---|---|
A |---|---|-x-|---|---|
E |-x-|---|---|---|---|
) Gonna take her in my arms an' hold her tight, Love her like a devil and spend all night.. just this side.... of Heaven. Just this side of Heaven, I was a lonely soul. Till I found my salvation in the woman I hold. I swear her love is spiritual: Nothin' short of a miracle.. for me. CHOURS And her hair falls down like a gentle rain, Makin' music, gonna tell her, of callin' my name. Hey, yeah. CHOURS Just this side.......... of Heaven. Just this side............. of Heaven. To fade.

Added On December 4th, 2013



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