Headstones Tabs

Headstones Tabs

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Headstones is a Canadian punk-influenced alternative rock band that began in 1987 in the bars of Kingston, Ontario. The band was initially active until 2003, subsequently reforming in 2011. The band consists of vocalist Hugh Dillon, guitarist Trent Carr, bassist Tim White, and drummer Dale Harrison. Best known for their raucous live performances, the band became one of the most commercially successful Canadian rock bands of the 1990s. Read more about Headstones on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Tweeter And The Monkeyman 4 guitar tabs
Reno 2 guitar tabs
Blonde Blue 2 guitar tabs
Absolutely 1 guitar tabs
Unsound 1 tablature chords
When Something Stands 1 tablature chords
Cemetery 1 guitar tabs
Do That Thing 1 guitar tabs
Look Away 1 guitar tabs
Above Ground Swimming Pools 1 guitar tabs
Reframed 1 guitar tabs
Long Way To Never Land 1 tablature chords
Tiny Teddy 1 guitar tabs
Three Angels 1 tablature chords
Settle 1 guitar tabs
And 1 guitar tabs
Anything 1 guitar tabs
Blowtorch 1 guitar tabs
Burning 1 tablature chords
Comgratulations Intro 1 guitar tabs
Cubically Contained 1 tablature chords
Cut Me Up 1 guitar tabs
Digits 1 guitar tabs
Downtown 1 guitar tabs
Colourless 1 tablature chords