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            Album: Find A Way (2011)

Intro (G#m, E2, B):

e |--11-11-11-11-------12-11-11-11-11-----------|
B |--------------14-14----------------14-14-14--|
G |---------------------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------|

Verse 1:
        G#m             E2     B
Wash me whiter than the purest snow,
             G#m              E2       B
Your love it cleanses me from deep within.
        G#m            E2      B
Take me deep into this sweet romance,
                 G#m             E2      B
Oh Jesus, I will throw my life into Your hands!

Interlude: as intro

Verse 2:
You reached down me to the deepest place,
Grabbed me up in love's redeeming grace.
And this fire in me burns so true,
Oh Jesus, I am falling more in love with You!

B                             F#
Saviour, You alone are God forever!
By Your grace You make all things new,
There is none that compares to You!
B                                F#
Saviour, to You alone be all the glory!
Clothed in splendor and majesty,
                      E2                         B                                   
And all creation will rise and sing: You're glorious!

Your love is wider than the ocean's deep,
Reaches down into the depths of me.
Lift me up into Your holy place,
Oh Jesus, I am longing just to see Your face!

Chorus: Saviour...

C#m    E2            B         C#m7           G#m
All creation will proclaim the wonder of Your name!
        E2             G#m               E2
All the heavens will declare that You're glorious!

Chorus: Saviour...

F#                C#m7             E2          B 
Glorious! You are glorious! You're glorious!

e |--11----11------------------11----11-----------12--|
B |-----12----12--14-12--14-12----12----12--14-12-----|
G |---------------------------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------------------|     x2
A |---------------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------|    

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