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Here Comes The Kraken Tabs

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Here Comes The Kraken is a deathcore band from Aguascalientes, México. The band was formed in 2007 by Tore (lead guitar), Alex (guitar), and Deivis (drums). They later recruited Alexa on bass. Their debut eponymous album (Here Comes The Kraken) was released in 2009, which was accompanied with a extensive tour in Mexico and Europe. They then followed this up with an EP entitled The Omen in 2010. Both of these releases shared a similar, very heavy death metal influenced sound. Read more about Here Comes The Kraken on


Tracks Versions
Confessions Of What Ive Done 1 guitar tabs
The Legend Of The Rent Was Way Harcore 1 guitar tabs
Dont Fail Me Darko 1 guitar pro tabs
I Should Have Asked Where The Remote Control Was Before I Killed You 1 guitar tabs
From The Deepest Darkness Solo 1 guitar tabs
Miss Starving Skeleton 1 guitar tabs
Beverly Hell 1 guitar tabs