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Holiday Parade Tabs

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Holiday Parade is a four-piece pop/rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band is comprised of Andy Albert (vocals/guitar), Michael Whitworth (guitar/vocals/piano), Joel Merritt (bass) and Kenny Muto (guitar). The band released its debut full-length album Two Cheers For Tuesday in 2006, followed by an EP: This Is My Year (2007) and an acoustic EP: To You. From Us (2008). In 2009 they released their second full-length Tickets & Passports, and with the help of fans pledging through kickstarter in 2011 they were able to record and release a new EP called False Alarms (April 2011). Read more about Holiday Parade on


Tracks Versions
Never Enough 1 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
Walking Away Intro 1 guitar tabs
Look Our Below This Love 1 tablature chords
Over My Head 1 tablature chords
Forever 1 tablature chords
Success Story 1 tablature chords
Look Out Below This Love 1 tablature chords
Gone 1 tablature chords
Slam Crunk 1 tablature chords
Hope Dies Last 1 tablature chords
Make It Count Acoustic 1 tablature chords
My Philosophy 1 guitar tabs
Walking By 1 guitar tabs
Driving Away 1 guitar tabs
Mixdown 1 guitar tabs
Crimson Red Intro 1 guitar tabs
Walking Away 1 guitar tabs
The Truth 1 tablature chords