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Unfinished Dream

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            Unfinished Dream - Howard Moss (Outside The Pale)

(C) She came as a vision, (Am) that I saw last night
(F) So ghostly appearing, (G) like a shining light

(C) Then the shadow got clearer (Am) I could make out her face
(F) She seemed then to whisper (G) then slowly did fade

(C) Back into the distance (Am) and out of the door
(F) She again got me thinking (G) about the image I saw

(C) I knew I knew her from someplace (Am) Somewhere that I'd been before
(F) When we were much younger (G) Yet your life was cut short

(C) You've been alone for along time (Am) Still just wondering why
(F) Why you left so untimely and (G) memorys simply won't die

(C) Then I could make out your whisper (Am)And what your lips they did say
(F) It was a message of sadness (G) From ghosts of yesterday

(C) How you'd wished you'd stayed longer (Am) Longer than ever before
(F) How you missed all the good times (G) It's what you would have lived for

(C) You'll never get out of my mind (Am) It's where you always will stay
(F) You'll also be there by my side (G) and there's no easy way

(C) So instead I live onwards (Am) and keep moving on
(F) Until the day when it all stops (G) And all the darkness will dawn

(C) Then I will be with you (Am) together up there we climb
(F) Then leave all the memories (G) and the past behind    

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