Illdisposed Tabs

Illdisposed Tabs

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Since the beginning of the 90’s Illdisposed have been one of the top bands of the Nordic death metal scene and have released 9 albums. Not denying their death metal roots their brand new offering "The Prestige" will meet all expectations. However, Illdisposed have also developed their own form of death metal with groovy rhythms, melodic but still hard hitting riffs, a massive wall of sound with an aggressive vocal in focus. Read more about Illdisposed on


Tracks Versions
I Believe In Me 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
When You Scream 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Instrumentally Illdisposed 1 guitar pro tabs
Near The Gates 1 guitar pro tabs
The Final Step 1 guitar pro tabs
Weeping Souls Of Autumn Desires 1 guitar pro tabs
Dark 1 guitar tabs